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Little Spirits Therapy Center 

Putting Smiles on Children’s Faces Every Day

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What We Offer

At Little Spirits Therapy Center LLC in San Jose, California, your child can learn, have fun, and get loving support all at the same time. Expect our child therapists to go the extra mile to keep your kids happy and safe during each session. No matter what behavioral or developmental challenges your child has, we have the skills and experience to address them. Read on for further details about our playgroup and classes.

Individual & Group ABA Therapy

Applies Behavior Analysis (ABA) uses scientifically valid treatments to make significant changes in behavior. ABA therapy is widely known widely known for treating children and adults on the autism spectrum. ABA can also be beneficial for individuals with varying needs to improve socially significant behaviors.

Here at Little Spirits Therapy Center LLC (LSTC) all ABA services are individualized and created to promote socially significant changes. Aba services can be utilized individually, within a group, community, home and school settings, to foster generalization and independence.

We strive to provide the highest quality of services for your child and your entire family. This includes full circle collaboration with your child’s team. This includes, but not limited to school, other therapeutic or non-therapeutic providers, medical practitioners, and parents.

When you have a child who is experiencing behavior challenges, it can affect siblings, friendships, learning and life enjoyment. Our program supports the entire family and child’s environment by creating effective, ethical, safe and knowledgeable treatment plans.

Here at Little Spirits Therapy Center LLC, we are proud to include applied behavior analysis (ABA) among our treatment options. Through our ABA program, autistic children and those with other developmental disabilities can learn the tools they need to interact with their environments effectively, including in school, at home and out in the real world.

Treatment Where You Need It

It is one thing to learn coping techniques in a controlled environment and quite another to actually apply those techniques in real life. That is why we conduct our ABA behavior modification therapy program both at our facility and in your home. This way, we can evaluate your child's strengths and challenges in their regular environment. This enables us to tailor our treatment to your child's unique needs.

Throughout the process, we'll work closely with you to identify the areas in which your little one struggles the most. Autism presents differently between boys and girls, and from child to child. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to behavior modification therapy, so we'll experiment with different tactics to find what works best for your child and his or her challenges.

It is not just the child with autism who may experience difficulties, but their siblings as well. Our therapy programs incorporate the entire family, helping everyone learn how to better interact in healthy, constructive ways.

*Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy and some other services may be paid privatly or through most insurance. Contact [email protected] if you have any questions.

Social Skills Classes

Many children, both typical and those who have autism/developmental disabilities, have difficulty processing social information. This makes socializing in novel settings frustrating due to the lack of understanding of social expectations. This can impact a child’s ability to develop meaningful relationships.

Learning how to communicate effectively can ease the frustration many children feel in new situations. Many of these skills can be mastered in a group class setting with other individuals with similar strengths and difficulties, thus providing further support and encouragement.

In this 8-week group class, children will learn a multitude of new skills. Members will learn that their perceptions differ from the perceptions of others. Children will also have an opportunity to increase emotional identification and awareness, as well as an improved emotional management in novel social settings.

Group members will learn to increase their ability to respond to people and situations around them. Children will also gain self-confidence in their ability to effectively communicate.

Classes run 1 hour once a week for 8 weeks:

      • Little Kids Social Skills Class
      • Big Kids Social Skills Class

For many children, engaging in social interactions is one of the more challenging aspects of their day-to-day lives. Here at Little Spirits Therapy Center LLC, we are committed to helping children learn how to cope with their challenges so that they can overcome them and go on to lead happy, successful lives.

Group Classes

We conduct social skills classes in a group setting. This makes it easier for children to practice the techniques they have learned in a safe, supportive environment. Throughout our 8-week program, children will learn about social expectations and effective communication.

The goal is to help minimize frustration and confusion in new social settings so that children will be better equipped to build meaningful relationships with their peers and others around them. Within our group sessions, we match children up with partners who share similar strengths and challenges so that they can support and encourage each other, knowing that they are not alone in their social difficulties.

Social norms change as children get older, which is why we divide our sessions by age group, with classes for "Little Kids" and "Big Kids." Each of our 1 hour classes is held once a week for 8 weeks (then whatever it says. After the 8 weeks is over the team, including parents, can re-evaluate any new social issues that has appeared and address in the next eight-week session.

Art Connections

Art can be an excellent promoter in constructing connections with peers. Students will engage in the creative arts process while exploring themselves through self-awareness, identity development, listening skills, time management, concentration, emotion regulation, problem solving and social skills.

Students will create individualized and collaborative art pieces, followed by discussion and sometimes role playing with the finished product. In addition, art is inherently reinforcing. Students receive enjoyment, an increase in confidence, and stress relief during the art making and exploring materials.

Art is a unique way to aid in cooperation and naturally comprehend another person’s point of view. Another common goal of the art making process is increase tolerance for unpleasant stimuli. While channeling their creative expressions, students may become enthusiastically involved which may make them more likely to tolerate textures that may have otherwise been avoided without the art making process.

*Art Classes/Art Therapy also available one-on-one

Group Services – Sibling Social Skills

Little Spirits Therapy Center LLC offers a therapy group directly for siblings that promotes healthy family relationships and allows siblings the experience to connect with one another through mutual experiences. By participating in a sibling group, siblings are able to feel a sense of belonging, learn about each other, and learn more about themselves.

Our group session will provide your children fun activities that encourages your children to express their feelings, create a greater awareness of emotions, and learn healthy coping skills with the support of their peers within the group.

Individualized Services – Parent Support 

At Little Spirits Therapy Center LLC, not only are we passionate about helping your children reach their full potential, we also care for you as parents. Our parent support program can help improve your child’s maladaptive behaviors while reducing parent stress and boosts parent self-confidence. Through this program, parents will learn helpful strategies to effectively manage their child’s behaviors at home.

The primary support behind children with Autism Spectrum Disorder is their parents. Behavioral therapists have long worked to integrate children through all areas of their life, from home, school, and their surrounding community. Understandably, different parenting styles and techniques need to be addressed for autistic children.

With the field of study changing rapidly every year, parenting advice has exploded online to a confusing and overwhelming quantity. To help parents find the most useful advice, consulting professional children therapists for individualized sessions is critical. Professional therapists can help you identify techniques that work for your child based on their experience and legitimate scientific studies. 

Our Personal Approach

Coming to Little Spirits Therapy Center LLC, you will find endearing dedication from our children therapists. Following observations of your child, we also analyze your parenting style and habits. Going over everyday situations that may happen around home and school for your family, helps to smooth out possible conflicts and assess proper resolution methods.

Through parent training with our team, we provide tangible solutions to help your family care for one another. Some examples of goals we

establish are:

  • Promoting peaceful family communication
  • Managing smoother daily routines
  • Handling difficult behavior
  • Setting reasonable rules, expectations, and consequences

Little Spirits Therapy Center LLC believes in the whole child approach. Our ABA and Behavior programs include supporting the home and community needs. Our dedicated staff, under the supervision of a BCBA, are committed to supporting home and community life.

We understand that the “little” challenges can be equivalent to the “big” challenges and through our parent support program we transfer the skills of your child’s program to the home and community. Generalization to the natural environment can provide tangible solutions to help your family with the day to day routines, holiday, and the unexpected.

Individualized Services –

School Support

Integrated education and training (IEP) support

Other Services

                • Behavioral consultation
  • Home and community services

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