Little Spirits Therapy Center LLC

The Therapeutic Center of Choice for Children and Families

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Where Learning Is Always Fun and Exciting

Improving children’s quality of life is what we do best at Little Spirits Therapy Center LLC in San Jose, California. Our qualified team offers everything from behavioral support to art and dance classes for children with special needs. We strive to integrate each child in their home, their school and throughout their community.

All children are welcome at Little Spirits Therapy Center LLC. Our classes are designed for children with varying abilities. Contact us today for more information or to register for classes. 

Our Mission

Little Spirits Therapy Center LLC has been providing services to children and their families for over 20 years.

What we do different

We have extensive experience in ongoing treatment planning, parent training, and working with treatment teams to develop individualized plans for success.

How we do it

Supporting the whole child and environment has been an intricate part of our treatment plan, yielding positive and

lasting outcomes.


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